I got bedbugs in Vietnam (& other travelling horror stories)

‘I bet these blankets have bed bugs,’ I joked to my friends Laura and Ben, as made our way onto the sleeper bus which would take us from Cambodia to Vietnam.

Laura and I had come to South East Asia together. We met Ben in Phnom Penh (the capital of Cambodia) and ended up travelling with him for a few weeks, crossing the border to Vietnam together.

‘Don’t be silly,’ they both said, ‘people get these buses all the time, of course they don’t have bed bugs.’

‘I know. Just kidding.’

I was just kidding. I didn’t actually consider that they might. The sleeper bus had been organised by our hostel back in Cambodia and we’d had a choice between a cheap one and an even cheaper one. Obviously we picked the even cheaper one.

A couple days later, I noticed I had way more mosquito bites than usual. It’s normal to get bitten by mozzies and some people suffer more than others, because they’re attracted to certain blood types. But this was ridiculous; I had them all up my arms and down my legs.

‘Guys, I don’t think these are mozzie bites,’ I said, looking at the odd clusters of itchy red marks on my arms. Some quick Googling told me that if the bites are in zigzagging lines/clusters, this is one of the main symptoms of bed bugs. As well as being unbearably itchy.

Unfortunately, we happened to be in the middle of a two day trek to get to the top of the highest mountain in Indochina, Mt. Fansipan. As if it couldn’t get any worse, it was an unbearably cold night and we were camping halfway up the mountain in the blistering cold, with broken sleeping bags. Everyone huddled their sleeping bags together. Naturally, no one wanted to be too near me. Ngl, it wasn’t the best night. My friends started calling me ‘bed bug Bob’. I tried v hard to see the funny side.

halfway up fansipan

‘Okay, so I Googled it and basically you need to burn all your clothes,’ said Ben. ‘And maybe your rucksack too.’

‘Right.’ I said. ‘The trouble is, we’re on top of a mountain and I have no clothes to change into.’

‘Hmm. Guess you gotta wait til you get back down then.’

Great. Another bed-buggy day for me then.

You know when people start talking about head lice and suddenly your scalp starts feeling very itchy? People wouldn’t shut up about my … issue … and I wanted to scratch my skin off just to relieve the itch.

nice of them to hug me and risk the itch

After a long night and extremely rainy second day (we forgot it was monsoon season lol) we finally made it to the top. As you can see from the pic, the view was so worth it …. oh wait.

In all seriousness, trekking up Fansipan was one of my favourite things in south east Asia. Bed bugs or no bed bugs.

I’m happy to report that the second I got to the gift shop at the top (lol as if there was a gift shop), I bought a whole new outfit and immediately changed. I even ditched my trainers. I was sad to say goodbye to my full moon crop top and shorts but happy to be rid of the bed bugs.

The rest of my trip was a bed bug bob free experience!

riding away from the bed bugs

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