I created The Blonde Backpacker at the end of 2017 to have somewhere to document my travelling stories. Until I was 18, I’d barely travelled anywhere. My family aren’t into it so I never really thought much of it, apart from that sounds scary and ooh, bet that’s expensive. 

Now I’m 22 and there are still barrels of places I’ve not been to! But I’m slowly working my way through them. In 2014, I started venturing around Europe with friends. In 2016, I travelled all around South-east Asia (the CLASSIC Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam route). Then in 2017 I got the opportunity to travel around the USA in a van. The solo flight over was filled with excitement and trepidation. I’d never even been through airport security on my own before – and now suddenly, here I was, about to land in Florida, completely alone.

That summer was hands down the best experience of my life.

I’ve done a lot of cool things in the past couple of years:

  • Camped under the stars in Monument Valley with a Navajo tribe
  • Climbed the highest mountain in Indochina, whilst battling the monsoon rain and an infestation of bed bugs
  • Walked around Paris with no shoes on for 48 hours
  • Got an “official” qualification to be a masseuse in Vietnam
  • Hiked Angels Landing in Utah (bloody hard – never seen so many switchbacks in my life)
  • Climbed the “Rocky” steps in Philadelphia
  • Got super excited to try a Philly Cheesecake and was saddened to learn it’s in fact a Philly Cheesesteak (wtf?)
  • Played guitar on a ranch in Texas
  • Flew over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter
  • Hiked into the Grand Canyon and cried at the most insane view I’ve ever seen
  • Swam to Maya Bay in Thailand (where The Beach with ma main man Leo DiCaprio was filmed)
  • Went line dancing in Nashville
  • Tried snails in France (doesn’t sounds like a big deal I know but I suck at trying new foods lol)
  • Had my coach crash on the way to Europe as it was pulling out of Victoria Coach Station, so a group of us that had just met sat outside Buckingham Palace and played guitar
  • Ate real spaghetti bolognese and drank beautiful red wine in Italy

Anyway …. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, I’m excited to see what lies ahead in 2018!


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