London (Part 1) Introduction

Published November 28, 2012 by theblondebackpacker

I’m proud of being American, and I don’t think I would ever voluntarily switch my citizenship. However, if I had to become a citizen of another country, I would choose England. England’s just bad ass. I mean, think about it-they’re this tiny little country,yet they became one of the most powerful nations in the world. At one point or another, every country on this planet has been part of the British Empire. OK, that’s an exaggeration, but not as much of one as you might think…

A Few Examples; America, Canada, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Australia, Bermuda, and the British Antarctic Territory. Look at all those places on a map, look at the size of Great Britain, and tell me that isn’t impressive. (Of course, how they treated people in these colonies/territories/domains is not always as impressive, but seeing how every country has done some bad things in the last few hundred years, I’ll let that go) And then people wonder why the Queen looked annoyed during the Olympics-honestly, how many of us don’t get irritated when watching all the countries we use to own prance around?

Now, if England’s power doesn’t impress you, they’ve also made crucial contributions to literature, music, and film, with the three most obvious examples being William Shakespeare, the Beatles, and Robert Pattinson. (Screw you Team Jacob!) In my opinion, they also have the best royal family around. (Screw you royal family of Denmark!) Plus, you shouldn’t be tempted to overeat in England, since their food=not the best.

Add in to all that their dry humor, awesome accents, and high enthusiasm for drinking, and they officially have the blonde backpacker’s seal of approval!

Congrats, England.

PS if you love rainy weather, they’ve got that too.








6 comments on “London (Part 1) Introduction

  • there might have been some free public bathrooms in London, but the ones Liz and I ran across all charged. They were very clean, though. I actually have a funny story about bathrooms that charge and Lizs small bladder…but I’ll post about that tomorrow

  • LMAOOO! I always get upset when countries I used to own prance! It is pretty dope that they could basically ruin the world from an anthill. Is it really that rainy? How are they as drivers?

  • there is absolutely NO glory in imperialism! There is nothing great about invading countries, raping, murdering and pillaging and anybody who thinks that needs to have their morals checked! It doesn’t take greatness to use brutally against countries, peoples and their resources to build up an “empire” any thug can do this. As for the royal family. Anybody who falls for the scam of a royal family, which is just a blood mafia, is a total fool. You have completely missed what is actually great about England, which is the many different types of people that make up the english/british population, it’s social history including social laws.

  • I specifically wrote that I was not impressed by the way they had treated people. I was not praising rape or murder. I was just acknowledging that it is unusual and, in my opinion, impressive for a country that tiny to gain such a massive amount of land all over the globe. Just the fact that they had the technology and money to explore all those places is impressive!

    As for your comment that “any thug” could have built the British Empire…if it was that easy, then why didn’t every tiny country build a huge empire? Do you really think the only reason they didn’t was because of moral objections?

    This is not a political blog, but just to be clear, I am aware that imperialism has awful consequences for both sides involved. I was not encouraging it in modern day society, okay?

    And yes, I will talk about the social history of England, I’m just putting that in the history overview section.

    Thank you for actually writing sentences instead of just cussing about what you didn’t like…

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