Iceland (part 2) the nightlife

Published October 31, 2012 by theblondebackpacker

Are y’all familiar with Saturday Night Live’s digital shorts? Do you remember the one with Andy Samberg called “I Threw It on the Ground?” If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out here:

This video can help to prepare you for the nightlife in Reykjavik because drunk Icelanders realllly like to throw stuff on the ground. Mainly glass, but in case there’s a shortage of that around, they’ll throw other stuff as well. (They’re practical like that). But yeah, glass is definitely their favorite thing to throw, which is understandable since it makes that nice shattering sound.  So if you wanna fit in….buy a beer, chug it, and then slam it on the fucking street.

Confused? I was too at first. But after spending a few days in Iceland, I think I’ve figured it out. Sunday morning to Friday afternoon the Icelandic people are polite and very calm. Almost too calm. Their lack of facial expressions made me wonder if perhaps the whole town had overdosed on botox. So come Friday night, they’ve got a lot of repressed emotions to release. And they successfully do so by shoving aggressively in line, getting really drunk, dancing like crazy, and of course, by throwing glass on the ground.

Basically, it’s crazy and a lot of fun : ) For the most part, all the bars and clubs are located on main street aka Laugavegur which makes it really easy to bar hop. Since the nightlife keeps going until around 5 AM, you’ve got plenty of time to explore. Liz and I really liked B5, it was a trendy little club that played a lot of good dance music. There weren’t many Americans around, but while we were outside waiting in line, we met three friendly New Yorkers who helped us push our way to the front. Other than actual Icelanders, who could help you survive the chaotic club lines of Reykjavik better than people from NYC? In case any of them ever read this- thanks for the backup support!

As for the fashion, if you’re on the short side I would recommend wearing heels, as Scandinavians are a tall bunch. At 4’11, I was even more of a midget than usual, and I kept getting smacked in the head with people’s elbows when they put their arms down. So yeah, you might find heels helpful! I don’t know if there is an official dress code, but most of the people looked pretty chic, so don’t think you’ll get away with looking casual just because it’s chilly out.

Then again, one guy looked very casual….he was walking around the street barefoot and in his underwear. Not even boxers, just tighty whiteys. It was about 32 degrees F out and like i said glass is all over the place….he wasn’t even phased! He even stopped to explain….apparently, he had been hooking up with this girl and then her dad came home and tossed him outside without his clothes. Everyone else around was just like (shrug) yeah sucks when that happens. It was awesome. So, I guess the moral of the story is that you really can get away with any look as long as you wear it with confidence…

To summarize-if you like to party and you’re headed to Iceland, spend a weekend in Reykjavik! And remember to either wear closed toe shoes or bring some band-aids!

a sign of a good night in Iceland


5 comments on “Iceland (part 2) the nightlife

  • LMAO! I would say that even rivals some of best clubbing memories in Vegas and Boston. Good for you Icelanders- sometimes you just gotta throw sh**!

  • o yeah, I was at Duestche Bar for the Icelandic Airwaves Festival last year (Oct 2012) and boy can it get rowdy there. Couple that with the awful gale winds that hit Iceland then, it was so much fun and I have to agree with you, it’s quite weird how they have no expressions Monday to Friday and then all of a sudden, BAM! Weekend riot behaviour! Da hell? :D

    - Persis -

  • I know, it’s so surprising! that’s cool that you went to the festival. We missed it by a week I think. If you have time, could you write another comment about it? Some readers might be interested in going. Thanks!

  • Sure thing! I can write another piece on it. I’ll have to think of an angle though coz I think I ran out of photos. LOL!

    the 2013 dates have been announced and I can offer some advise on how to get tickets, collection etc etc etc

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